Private Tours

« Book a private tour if you prefer to discover Barcelona in a smaller group. Check out our private walking tours and contact us! »

Barcelona Bike Tour

Experience more of beautiful Barcelona with a real local guide on this relaxed-pace 3 hour bike tour exploring the Catalan capital. Join us to pedal your way through hidden streets, take in the fascinating architecture, discover the enthralling history and soak up the exciting atmosphere of this fantastic city.The tour includes brief safety lesson, top-of-the-range... Read more & Booking

Alternative Tour

Take the time to experience the "other side" of Barcelona. On this Free Tour we take you off of the well-trodden tourist trail and show you the city's local alternative urban cultural movement including almost 3 km of graffiti, urban statues, local eateries, shops, architecture and, of course, the people and their stories to show you the edgy... Read more & Booking